They treated her as if she was drunk, but she never drinks alcohol. But even if you get top marks you haven’t learned anything. Yes it’s Orwell’s world now. i am sure this will be deleted but who is boris? Children learning not to touch. Just a reflex. They can possess physical properties such as uniformity, conductance or special optical properties that make them desirable in materials science and biology, Then, I ask, what’s the point of this? A cursory analysis of their data shows how false it actually is. I do think there is desperation within the halls of power which can make them more stringent in their measures. The only time we get excited is when we’ve had far too much to drink, when the shops open for the January sales, or watching men chasing round a muddy field after an inflated leather ball. Maxwell, you don’t suppose there is somewhere a collection of men of action who will stop the madness, do you? I think this climate change shit is just another psy-op. This year, the poor beggars– or, strictly speaking, their hapless caregivers– have fallen for the cruel Trick of the official Megadeath Virus of Doom narrative. I was pleasantly surprised and went to sleep feeling contented. It’s like betting on a racehorse, and, when it loses the race, you just have a rerun, increasing the dose of amphetamines and steroids until it wins… When the government closed children’s play grounds I did not think it would get any more stupid. The PCR Test measures RNA not CV-19. I was worried this year about how it would go, but we got candy and decorated in hopes people would come. And that generation won’t know what’s hit them or why. Paul, I think you’re right. That’s why I think – and of course could be dead wrong – that this one particular election is all about one thing and one thing only: are you pro-lockdown or anti-lockdown. I have to my sins worn a mask once. Eventually they decided he wasn’t compliant enough and stopped trying to get him to interview. In the far future, the material needs of humankind are tended by the omnipresent Machine, which makes their environment, in vast tunnels beneath the earth, comfortable and safe. Most modern ‘education’ systems banned this sort of thing many years ago. Tony, of course he has a say in the matter. Forgive me if this has been posted here before. I was raised in Las Vegas by leftists, my grandfather was a democrat Nevada state senator. I clearly recall seeing the “freeway blog” banner of “I can’t breathe” driving on the 101 one morning, and thinking, Alright! He doesn’t mean Taylor’s destiny. Johnson should kick them and Ferguson off sage, sack them from their present posts and install the eminently sensible, evidence based Professor Henegan in their place. like the end times year zero of the bolshevik revolutions. If you want to look for something more literal look around you. What the hell is Johnson going on about in terms of increasing testing? Interesting point of view. The result is less than ideal. Am I alone in this? Some take it to extremes. Recollections: France c. 2011, Croatia in the 1990s : each had a president who was apparently a nutcase. once, it was the hands that generated the tools that commanded the noise, then came the machines repetitive clatter, the hand disarmed to little more than a silent assistant, body impoverished and intelligence modified – But before natures connection was weakened…a message was attached to the collapsing precipice. The problem I have is, if this is meant to be the ‘saviour’ that will bring that fictitious R level down, then I must necessarily assume that from 2nd December, Job Done, that all restrictions should be lifted and life return to normal. Richard I had the misfortune for years and years to work with the NHS. I would be more interested in watching someone on the toilet. I know I’m wordy; for instance, my e-mails usually run in paragraphs– almost all of the ones I receive are a sentence or two long. Not in the doublethink confusing backwards upside down left right extremist sense, maybe, or yes but possibly it’s flase positive and left leaning. Many of them without a silver linen. I don’t follow Max all the way down the new age path but that doesn’t matter: he articulates what’s being done and directs the essential anger. And kids who raise a hand to ask a question are shot down. It’s also stubborn apparently. He may or may not agree with it but yet he’s willing to do it anyway. A few weeks ago, our beloved The Guardian This, to disguise their hatred of the lower classes. Get a large group of Wetherspoon’s clientele. The neurologist on steam engines, smartphones, and fearing the future. Now we see why there was a full court press to defend the Podestas and Comet Ping Pong. I have though, just signed the Petition on Lockdown Sceptics for MPs to take a 20% hit on their salaries! It’s all part of the dumbing down process. They have shut down my swimming pool. How in the hell do they put that mask on so willingly each day? Behaviour . It is, in fact, criminally not okay. Yes! The trilateral billionaires seem perfectly happy with the status quo and the repressive lockdown(s) and get their paid-for servant, Sir Keir Rodney starmer, to say so. Living in a tiny market town in his Constituency it’s a nightmare right now. Firstly, last week didn’t they say that 350,000 per day were now getting CV-19? As for voting Third Party (which I did previously), I find even the Socialist Party a bit too right wing for my liking. Posted on February 12, 2014 by Dom_Abate. What they are presenting are wild projections going into February. I continued to go to gigs, and I told everyone..I had it first – but it’s nowt to worry about..just like a bad cold basically.. I can’t stomach this narrative anymore. Now, you don’t have to be of a religious nature to see the importance of this letter. This suggests that the projection is old, and you can see that the actual line is actually in the lower bound of that projection . He was interviewed recently on BBC’s Life Scientific , came across as quietly arrogant in my opinion. Michael Gove has already hinted today it might need to be extended. He recovers. But of course none of this deters the criminal scum at the BBC from broadcasting outright lies and misinformation on an hourly basis, giving no credibility or airtime to “conspiracy theories” about things like fraudulent death tolls, not fit for purpose tests and bog standard infection-mortality rates in line with normal flus, which is what you end up with even if you believe their created-via-fraud death count, they just say the research is flawed and discredited – people like John Ioannidis, the world’s premier bio-statistician for example, is but a conspiracy theorist in BBC brainwashing world. Easily. I truly apologize but please let me know how I insulted you? “Infocalypse” Deep Fakes 90% Online Content Soon/ I agree, Boris looks frightened to death. I don’t have a definite opinion on covid, other than that I don’t think people should be forced to cover their faces, isolate from their families, close their businesses, be contract traced, or any of the other measures that are undertaken in its name. A Radio 4 programme boiled the benefit of no Swedish lockdown down to a slight economic advantage, but everything else showed it was a mistake! In his Press Conference Johnson, Witless and Unbalanced all said the NHS would be overwhelmed so, once again, people lose their jobs and the economy tanked and the hospitality and retail sector tanked during a period which is their most profitable and they could recoup a lot of the losses due the first lockdown. Reminds me of the film Virtual Nightmare where a virtual consensus reality is created in a post nuclear world for the survivors. It served to appease any crisis of conscience they may have suffered. If 95% could do this and hit the streets at the same time as they are showing us how to do in Italy and many other European countries. Excellent post. A man gave the dreaded stare. And so the same group of nihilists control the agriculture of Mother Earth and manipulate her climate. One neighbor passes out homemade donuts, another spends weeks building a new haunted house in their yard leading to their porch every year, others are just known for giving out generous candy/snacks. Has he been completely Brainwashed to hate his Mum? “Sebastian’s mum is one of the leaders of Britain’s conspiracy community. Yep agreed. So life went on among the monkeys and after some time the first of the “new” monkeys was replaced with yet another monkey. It’s Pizzagate 2.0, A Fake Document, Russia’s Fault, Deep Fake Porn/ Up close and personal should get his attention and may just cause him to soil his undergarments. Reading down – ah such a familiar ring! Fuk off. i exist here when using mine THE MENDING APPARATUS, 9 -- III.THE HOMELESS, 16 -- THE MACHINE STOPS -- i : About Author. These are real people, it is not a drama show using actors. We’re almost a year into an exercise ordered by oppressors who want to pummel us into submission when they win the war of attrition. Each individual lives in isolation in a 'cell', with all bodily and spiritual needs met by the omnipotent, global Machine. Well of course top brass are down at the Lodge, making sure everything goes according to plan. I live in Matt Wancock’s constituency! So even when technology is still on the drawing board, there is “evil” afoot. Almost everyone I know, knows it’s Bollocks. Masks might actually help filter some of these nano-particles out. “We love Big Brother…” …oops, sorry, wrong nightmare.. Whether they in fact are or do serve the whole is a matter of the discernment of the heart, which arises from a true willingness to open communication. It’s the reason why I distanced myself from the environmental movement. You also accused me of being a big fan of Trump in the middle of “Trump Country.” So I guess my perception of your entire post is that it was full of disdain for me and the place where I live. Johnson needs to sack Witless and Unbalanced, kick them into touch to prevent them telling more lies, destroying the lives of millions of people, business and young people yet they are unelected, totally unelected. Vashti is a woman who lives in a possible future version of our world in which the whole of humanity is living in isolation under the surface of the earth. What from then, would you project to the future ? Good catch! About 90% were not wearing masks. I have presented my ebay exemption card once. Molinos, I try to tell people that this will not end until we push back and say NO no more And then this shit happens. If a vulnerable person with mental health issues, who is forced to self-isolate against their will following a positive PCR test succumbs to suicide, who is culpable? It occurs to me that reconciling differences is a positive thing when normal people do it, because the aim is usually to arrive at a conclusion which will be to the greater good. Couple this with a Prime Minister who is not built in anyway for any sort of responsibility, it is a dangerous, toxic combination. Where do you live? The Machine Stops is a concept album by space rock band Hawkwind, released on 15 April 2016.It is inspired by the E.M. Forster short story of the same name.It is Hawkwind's twenty-ninth studio album, Hawkwind's first album recorded without the involvement of Tim Blake since 2010's Blood of the Earth and the first to feature bassist Haz Wheaton.